At Spokane Community College Greenhouse, we strive to produce the highest quality plants while implementing biological pest control. We grow hundreds of different crops within a total of 6000 square feet. We rely on Sound Horticulture for supplying controls that we can rely on. The staff is always very helpful determining which choices are best for a specific IPM. After several years, our greenhouses have become healthier and customers truly appreciate the efforts of our decisions.

Tyler Beasley, Spokane Community College, Spokane, WA

We have been using Sound Horticulture’s Strat mites for more than a year to control parasitic reptile mites in our Ambassador Animal snakes and lizards. Prior to using the mites, we had several, difficult-to-control outbreaks of reptile mites. Since we have been using them, we haven’t had any further outbreaks.  This has saved us on labor and other costs associated with using conventional chemical treatment of the reptile mites. Thank you, Sound Horticulture!

Jennifer Pramuk, Ph.D., Animal Curator at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA, pictured with Anahi, our red-tailed boa constrictor.

Sound Horticulture is not only an excellent company, but a very knowledgeable resource. They provide high-end products at reasonable prices. We as a business can always rely on the Sound Horticulture team to provide our shipments on time every time. Alec is a wealth of knowledge and we can always rely on him to give us expert advice that adds to our business. They’ve helped me combat and exterminate russets mites, one of the hardest pests to get rid of in cultivation. Hands down the nicest and most professional group doing pest management. I would recommend this company until I’m blue in the face.

Aaron Skinner, TABA Management, Clinton Township, MI

In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes and I have been associated with Alison for over 20 years.  She introduced us to the Compost Tea systems in the beginning and since then has been an amazing source of information and products.  I have never met anyone as passionate and compassionate about the earth and all of its inhabitants.

Sound Horticulture is the best source of information, materials and help to understand the steps for the best results in the horticultural business. Alison and her team are amazing.  You will be blown away by their customer service, product knowledge and enthusiasm for healthy plants and organisms.

Ladd Smith, In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes, Bothell, WA

I first met Alison some time ago when I started working at In Harmony Landscape Sustainable Services. She was teaching a class on eco-friendly IPM strategies using biocontrols for landscapes in the PNW. Having studied environmental science and agronomy, I was thrilled to learn that she was implementing the use of biological measures, be it beneficial insects, biopesticides, and or biostimulants, that I had only read about in textbooks. Alison is a wealth of knowledge, she knows when, where, why, and how to apply a myriad of solutions to horticultural problems for a number of environments. I should mention, alongside my entomology professor, which was one of my favorite subjects, I have never met someone with a greater understanding and love of insects, the environments they are found in, their life cycles, and the role they play in making the world go round. It is clear that she has dedicated herself to doing the right thing when it comes to people and the planet which is why us folks at In Harmony are grateful, and quite frankly, lucky to work with her. If you have any questions or concerns about how to tackle environmental problems in a safe, effective, and eco-friendly manner, Sound Horticulture with Alison and her team of professionals can’t be beat.

Scott Grove, In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes, Bothell, WA

Sound Horticulture has supported our growing operation over the last year with top-quality fresh beneficial insects. They have worked closely with our tight production schedule,  under a variety of evolving conditions to design a biocontrol program that truly fits our holistic system.  Alison’s diverse growing experience has given us helpful perspective. Her expertise in compost teas came as a nice bonus to working with her company! Now, our system is dialed!

David Stein, Raven Grass, Olympia, WA