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Amblyseius (Neoseiulus) cucumeris


Amblyseius (Neoseiulus) cucumeris


Orders for A. cucumeris must be received by noon on Friday for shipment the following Wednesday. If you need a biocontrol order sooner, please call us at 360-656-6680 and we will work with you to find a solution. We can't guarantee that the item will ship the same day but we will do our best to get it to you ASAP.

TARGET PEST: Thrips, broad mites, russet mites

FOR YOUR FILES: Amblyseius (Neoseiulus) cucumeris Tech Sheet (PDF)

Release Instructions (PDF)


  • Amblyseius cucumeris is a species of predatory mite that feeds on immature stages of thrips. They can also feed on pollen in the absence of adequate pest food populations. Use A. cucumeris along with other thrips predators such as Orius spp., A. degenerans, or A. swirskii for improved control. Apply Stratiolaelaps scimitus (formerly called Hypoaspis miles) to control thrips pupae in the growth media. Also effective for preventative control of broad mites. A. cucumeris prefers to feed on first instar thrips larvae but will also feed on second instars. Being a generalist, it is also capable of feeding on other mites such as broad mites and two-spotted spider mite. Optimum conditions are 68-77°F (20-25°C) with a relative humidity of 66-70%. A complete life cycle takes 10-12 days at 68°F (20°C ). A. cucumeris populations have somewhat more females than males (64% females).
  • Sachets: 1 sachet every 6-8 sf or 1 to 3 sachets per tree.

    7-30 mites per sf  depending on pest severity. If dealing with broad or russet mites, 60 per sf.

  • A. cucumeris comes in three forms:
    1) Sachets: Hang sachets in the foliage throughout the greenhouse.  If protected from excessive moisture and direct sunlight, sachets may last for up to 5 weeks. 
    2) 1 liter bottles: Before application, carefully rotate bottle to distribute mites throughout the vermiculite. Gently shake and disperse over foliage.  Distribute loose material roughly every 2 weeks or as needed.
    3) 5 liter Bags: Insects on carrier and can be distributed throughout crop with a small scoop or cup. Apply approximately every 2 weeks or as needed.

    This product should be used immediately upon receipt. If storage is necessary, store in a cool, dark place with tubes lying on their sides.

  • Beneficial insects ship out weekly on Wednesdays. Orders for A. cucumeris must be received by noon on Friday for Wednesday shipment - orders received after the deadline will be held until the following week. Beneficial insects are normally shipped by FedEx Ground within the state of Washington, and by FedEx Express elsewhere in the USA. Please contact us directly if you require a different method of shipping. Bulk rates are available for sachets, please contact us for pricing. Live insects may not be shipped to Hawaii.